Special Education

Learning Plans that work

I’ve recently taken to a new role at my school. In typical me-fashion, after three weeks of being in the role I’m totally itching to just change and revamp every inch of documentation and template I come across.

Fortunately for my school, I have an itsy-bit of understanding for policy. The Negotiated Education Plan template is safe… for now.

But there’s nothing stopping me from sharing the amazing thinking behind

~A User Guide to Me~

Over at google, they’ve developed individualized working profiles for each of their employees, which foster efficient and positive collaboration. Just as the folk over at gettingsmart.com say, these would be a super helpful thing as an individual learning plan for high school students and the classroom teachers who need to support them.

ILPs are usually initiated in 8th or 9th grade. While almost every state requires schools to help students develop an academic plan only a third help students consider on strengths and weaknesses or build a resume. Only 10 states ask students to reflect on how they learn and refer them to support resources.

With headings like

  • What I think I’m good at
  • I’m told I’m good at
  • Good ways to work with me
  • My least favourite things

I can see them being easily adapted to student ILPs as quick snapshots of the best teaching modifications and approaches to use for each student. It’s even a good direction for NEPs…. one day.


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