Alternative Homework

Recently my school has been reviewing our Homework Policy. It’s always an age-old debate;

  • Is homework even relevant anymore?
  • How much is too much?
  • What about outside of school commitments, like work and sport?

Well, to be bold, I think its

  • Yes, duh.
  • Everything in moderation!
  • Time management is a skill everyone needs to learn eventually…

I’m a big believer in homework. That may or may not stem from several years of piano classes with my wonderfully jazzy teacher setting me practice as homework immediately after our lesson. He would always say

You should practice something the same day you learn it. It sticks better that way.

Or something like that. Hey, don’t judge me, I don’t remember what he said anymore! But I do remember every thing he taught me about music, and it’s always because I did my homework.

However I know that most conventional types of homework aren’t going to work for everyone. Which is why it’s super great that I’ve recently stumbled upon Alternatives to Traditional Homework




Alternatives to traditional homework

There are some great ideas here.

For later…


These actually focus on the skills to remember and practice material, rather than the material itself. In a way, it’s kind of like practicing a new song…


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