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Drawing Conclusions from Bill Rogers

Last Thursday my school arranged for Bill Rogers, educational advisor for a whole day whole staff professional development day on Behaviour Management Leadership.

It was refreshing to see a speaker who is clearly still so closely involved with the classroom itself. He spoke through many anecdotes of teachers he’s mentored, classrooms he’s observed and students he’s worked with.

Throughout the day he used and repeated a core bank of statements and phrases, such as “descriptive cues” or “even if” statements. Judging by my during and after twitter feed, many staff found these statements useful, so I’m hoping my school will have a more consistent “language approach” as a result.

I guess the thing that I was impressed with the most was the HOW he presented. Rogers is an incredibly visual presenter. Rather than conventional slides, he used a range of drawings, sketches, on the spot notes and acronyms to explain the principles of behaviour leadership.

In true Bill Rogers style, I decided to smush consolidate my key takeaways from the day into a sketchnote graphic.

This was a super fun way of reflecting upon what I had learnt that day, (and I’m hoping to do it again soon!) It’s nice to have something polished and physical around my student/planning space too…



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