About Miss Buse

This is the semi-professional blog of Miss Buse.

I’m in my 5th year of teaching, which also happens to coincide with my 5th year at the same school in southern Adelaide, Australia. I’ve been lucky enough to teach a crazy-wide range of subjects, including:

  • English (8-12)
  • Visual Art (8-12)
  • Music (K-10) + my own Music Appreciation course (note: settle on a name!)
  • Special Education (Mainstream + specialised)
  • HASS (8-10)

The highlight however, is my involvement in my school’s brand new Middle School approach. Inspired by the documentary Most Likely to Succeed, our site has undertaken a structural and systematic overhaul for the new intake of our Year 8 students. This has included in a timetable re-structure, dedicated planning time and a cross-curricular PBL approach spanning across the 4 core learning areas.

Being involved in this approach is literally the most exciting thing to happen in my teaching career. We think we know what we’re doing. My goal is to record the mess process of this teaching and learning adventure!


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