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Drawing Conclusions from Bill Rogers

Last Thursday my school arranged for Bill Rogers, educational advisor for a whole day whole staff professional development day on Behaviour Management Leadership. It was refreshing to see a speaker who is clearly still so closely involved with the classroom itself. He spoke through many anecdotes of teachers he’s mentored, classrooms he’s observed and students… Continue reading Drawing Conclusions from Bill Rogers


Student Controlled Learning* (Conditions Apply!)

This year has been a good year for reading adventures. After finishing the Harry Potter series (for entirely professional reasons…) a good friend has lent me the first in the Earth’s Children series. It centers around Ayla, abandoned at a young age, who is found and adopted by a Neanderthal clan. But Ayla is *not… Continue reading Student Controlled Learning* (Conditions Apply!)


Week Two: Life Mirrors Fiction

I had a really hard time choosing the title for this entry. Close runner ups were Week Two – A Study Into the Effect of Personality-Based Groupings on Adolescents or the less professional, Week Two – Merlin’s Beard Is the Pottermore Sorting Quiz Actually Onto Something Or Am I Just Projecting ?!? Regardless, while the second… Continue reading Week Two: Life Mirrors Fiction

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Is the humble GPS more ‘inclusive’ than your teaching?

Ah, the Global Positioning System. Where would we be without it? Probably either not where we would like to be, or still twisting a Street Directory around. These days most people don’t need to ask for directions, as the GPS is there to guide you with a range of different accessibility features and options. More accessibility features… Continue reading Is the humble GPS more ‘inclusive’ than your teaching?